Double Collapsible Pet Bowl

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This Double Collapsible Pet Bowl with sturdy stand is fantastic for use at home, on holiday, travelling, trekking or on long walks and adventures. The pet bowls are made from tough, durable rubber and can be stored in a flat position for transportation or storage. The bowls are inserted into a solid plastic stand which has detectable legs which can be simply inserted into position, great for all dog sizes plus cats and other pets too. To use simply push down on the centre of the bowl and it will pop into shape, to dismantled push the bowl in reverse until it pops back into the flat position. Available in two attractive colour combinations. It's a great way to feed and water your pooch on the go.

Assortment: - 2 Designs, - Blue/Black - Pink/Black

Product Dimensions: - 40cm x 22cm x 10cm ( 3cm when collapsed and flat)

Weight: - 0.450kg Material: - Plastic and Rubber