Bobble Pewter Deluxe Slumber Bed

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Add an extra dash of delicious luxury to your dogs day. This soft and squishy Bobble Pewter Deluxe Slumber Bed is both comfortable and attractive and a great way for your dog to relax, rest and sleep. Made in a lovely soft sherpa fleece and faux suede and in a lovely neutral pewter colour, it's a fantastic addition to any home.

The Bobble Pewter Deluxe Slumber Bed comes in a range of sizes to suit all breeds of dog. Choose from 18",24",30", 35" and 40" and allow your dog to enjoy a lovely dash of comfort.

The slumber bed has deep filled and quilted shoulders for even more lovely comfort. It's fibre filled and fully washable, so you can keep it in tip top condition.

Adding an extra dash of comfort for your dog and an extra dash of style to your home!