Raw Food Diet B.A.R.F

Here at OurHappyDogs.com we strongly believe in the benefits of the Raw Food Diet or B.A.R.F as it is sometimes called (Bone and raw food).

We feed our own dogs on it and have so far been very happy.

We are currently talking with and testing the products from a range of manufacturers to determine which is the best range to offer to you.

The information available for using the Raw Food Diet is still a little thin on the ground but we are working to change that. We will soon be bringing you an interview with Isla Fishburn who is a holistic dog behaviourist and strong advocate of the B.A.R.F diet.

Isla is also working as a consultant in the industry to help bring the very best of the B.A.R.F plan to anyone who wants it.

It is a big shift for the average dog lover to change from the tried and trusted dried food to a Raw Food Diet and a choice that we each must take for ourselves.

Hopefully we will help in our own small way by bringing you as much info for and against that we can.

If you have any experience of feeding the raw food diet either good or bad please drop us a mail and share it with us.

We have been visited recently by Dr Isla Fishburn who is a bit of an expert on this subject. We sat her down and quizzed her for you on why we should be feeding raw food to our dogs. Check out the 5 video series below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5