Pug Complete Guide To Ownership

Pugs are small, solid and sturdy, they make ideal companions as they have little interest in hunting, fetching or guarding, preferring a much more civilised life. Definitely the choice of dog for people who would rather read a good book or watch a good film, as a Pug with happily sit on your knee and join in with you. Pugs love attention and affection and their time is ideally spent sat with you being loved. These squishy little dogs have beautiful big dark eyes, small cute ears and a myriad of wrinkles that they are famously remembered for. Their coats can be black, silver, fawn or apricot and is short and smooth.

Pugs are happy-go-lucky dogs, spirited, lively and full of fun. Affectionate and loving to their family members and a truly loyal pet. They are highly intelligent dogs that get along very well with other dogs and pets. They are great with children and guests to you house too. As long as you have trained them, you will be proud of you little Pug dog.


Pug’s require a strong pack leader to keep them in tow. Although they do not require any kind of harsh training, more calm, control leadership and firm but gentle tone of voice. Always be consistent with your rules. Harsh world will do their sensitive nature no good at all. If you do not train your little Pug well, you could find that it develop jealous guarding behaviour to furniture, food, toys or even parts of the house. Firm but fair and always consistent is the way to go.

Exercise wise Pug require daily walks to keep them fit and healthy, also do stave of bored with a bit of variety. They will also happily take part in any games and fun you wish to involve them in, just be careful they don’t overdo it as they like a nice rest.


Pug Quick Facts


Name: Pug

Family: Companion, Mastiff

Area of Origin: China

Date of Origin: Ancient Times

Original Function: Lap Dog

Today’s Function: Companion

Size: Small

Average Male Size: Height 10-11 Weight 14-1

Average Female Size: Height 10-11 Weight 14-18

Other Names: Mops, Carlin

Breed Group: Toy

How Much Exercise: Up to 1 hour per day

Length of Coat: Short

How Much Grooming: Once a Week

Shedding: Yes

Ideal Location: Either Town or Country

Ideal Home: Small house/Flat

Ideal Garden: None

Life Span: Over Ten Years