Labrador Complete Complete Guide To Ownership

The face of Andrex toilet paper, who’s T.V. adverts melted the hearts of many of us. Labrador puppies rolling about playing with toilet rolls and each other is a very sweet sight. The choice of dog is definitely a good one as they are a playful and friendly breed of dog, full of fun and energy. The are either black, yellow, chocolate or sliver (quite rare) in colour and are a firm favorite of families looking for a dog.

Labrador’s are fun-filled dogs, both affectionate and patient (hence a family choice with children), also extremely loyal to their families too. They are very intelligent, have a reliable temperament, very trainable and eager to please. They are a popular choice for service dog work, watch dog, police work, guide dogs, search and rescue, drugs dogs and many more specialised areas. So as long as you are consistent, you should be able to train them to walk nicely and not jump all over your guests with kisses.



As with all dogs they need to be well socialized from an early age with both other dogs and people. Also as with all dogs they really benefit / require a strong pack leader to keep them in check. As dogs they are happier with human leadership and just want to be part of your family.

They are extremely trainable but quite boisterous, so training them from as early as possible to walk to heel and not to explode through a door before is a very good idea if you want a well-behaved dog. Labrador’s are little swimmers and love the water, their feet are compact and webbed to aid swimming. They require plenty of exercise as they are full of energy, so a spot of swimming might help their daily workout.

Chances of a labrador being the perfect family pet-Very High!

Chances of your toilet rolls going missing- Very high too!


Labrador Quick Facts

Name: Labrador

Family: Gun Dog, Retriever

Area of Origin: Canada

Date of Origin: 1800’s

Original Function: Water Retrieving

Today’s Function: Water Retrieving, Assistance, Obedience, Competition, Retriever Field Trials.

Size: Large

Average Male Size: Height 22.5-24.5 Weight 65-80

Average Female Size: Height 21.5-23.5 Weight 55-70

Other Names: None

Breed Group: Gun Dog

How Much Exercise: More than 2 hours per day

Length of Coat: Short

How Much Grooming: Once a week

Shedding: Yes

Ideal Location: Either Town or Country

Ideal Home: Large House

Ideal Garden: Large

Life Span: Over Ten Years