German Shepherd Complete Guide To Ownership

German Shepherd Breed Description


German Shepherds are energetic and loyal dogs with both high intelligence and amazing capabilities. It is by no fluke of luck that they are the dog of choice by the police, military, rescue services and for assistance purposes. They are highly trainable, very brave and very special dogs. They do require quite a lot of training and a strong pack leader to steer them, but they are the loyal and big hearted pets that will stay at your side through anything.

They need to be trained and well socialised from an early age, but become amazing family pets and will guard their human herd with their lives. As long as they see you as the pack leader and can rely on you, you will have a great furry friend that you can go anywhere with.

German Shepherds are wary of strangers and standoffish until they trust a person, which is no bad thing. They also make excellent guard dog, as they will only bark if they have a good reason. No insane barking nonsense from this breed, if you see a German Shepherd barking, there is a good reason and it may be a good idea to check around you. Something is coming!

A German Shepherd is not for the couch potato, they require plenty of exercise and stimulation. So if you enjoy long walks, playing frisbee, throwing balls and treks through the forests and hills, a German Shepherd is a good option. If you don’t, maybe a goldfish is better.

Their only downside is their unbelievable ability to shed hair. Daily hoovering is not enough to keep on top of it. German Shepherds come with either short, medium length or long hair, each time you hoover your floors you will have a build your own German Shepherd kit inside the hoover bag! You will wonder how your dog is not bald with what you have to throw away.

If you are a person that likes plenty of exercise and loyalty – a German Shepherd could be your perfect friend.

If you like a lot of sitting and lolling about – maybe a kitten is better for you!


German Shepherd Quick Facts

Name: German Shepherd

Family: Livestock, Herding

Area of Origin: Germany

Date of Origin: 1800’s

Original Function: Sheep Herding, Guarding, Police Dog

Today’s Function: Police, Contraband Detection, Assistance, Herding Trials, Schutzhund

Size: Large

Average Male Size: Height 24-26 

Average Female Size: Height 22-24  

Other Names: Alsatian, Deutscher Schaferhund

Breed Group: Pastoral

How Much Exercise: More than 2 hours per day

Length of Coat: Short

How Much Grooming: More than once a Week

Shedding: Yes

Ideal Location: Either Town or Country

Ideal Home: Large House

Ideal Garden: Large

Life Span: Over Ten Years