English Springer Spaniel Complete Guide To Ownership

English Springer Spaniel’s are medium-sized dogs that are very social, bouncy and likeable. Their coats are either black and white or brown and white and they have medium length with lovely floppy ears. They are gentle, even-tempered dogs with constantly wagging tails. Great companions, marvelous with children and ideal family pets. Clever, eager to please and enthusiastic dogs, the are a great addition to a family home.

English Springer Spaniels are not just companion dogs, they are intelligent dogs often used for hunting.  They love water and don’t mind getting wet and muddy ( you might, being the one that has to clean them and protect your home!) They are usually good with other pets, but bear in mind that they are natural fowl hunters and should be monitored around birds. There medium length coats require some maintenance, so they are not maybe easy to look after as a short-haired dog. Although they are not the most time-consuming and just require regular bathes and brushing. (more so if they have been loose in the mud!)


English Springer Spaniels require a strong pack leader and authoritative figure, but react badly to harsh discipline and voice tone. Firm and consistent training is required in a calm yet authoritative leadership. Training should start from as young as possible and ensure a happy,well-behaved dog. They also require socialization with dogs, animals and people from as younger age as possible too.

English Springer Spaniels will enjoy as much exercise as you can give them, happily trotting along side you across fields and glens or marching through a town and city. They also love to swim, play fetch and are ideal for agility skill trials and obedience competitions.

An absolutely lovely playful and energetic addition to most homes.


English Springer Spaniel Quick Facts

Name: English Springer Spaniel

Family: Gundog, Spaniel

Area of Origin: England

Date of Origin: 1800’s

Original Function: Bird Flushing, Retrieving

Today’s Function: Bird Flushing, Retrieving, Spaniel Field Trials

Size: Medium

Average Male Size: Height 19-21 Weight 50

Average Female Size: Height 18-20 Weight 40

Other Names: None

Breed Group: Gundog

How Much Exercise: More than 2 hours per day

Length of Coat: Medium

How Much Grooming: More than once a Week

Shedding: Yes

Ideal Location: Either Town or Country

Ideal Home: Small house

Ideal Garden: Large

Life Span: Over Ten Years