Boxer Complete GuideTo Ownership

As a past parent to the exuberant Boxer dog, we can safely say they are the craziest lunatics of the dog world, second only to the Podenco ( Ibizan Hound) who we are currently the proud parents to. They are described by many as the perpetual toddlers of the dog world and this is by far the best description I have ever heard for them. Always full of life, energetic, boisterous and most certainly a choice for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. They are fabulous family pets, loyal, good with children and other dogs, but they definitely require training and a strong pack leader to control the chaos.


They love to be part of your family and will expect to take with your wherever you go, leave them behind at your peril. Over the years we have returned home to chewed kitchen cabinets, mattresses with the spring popping out and a wide selection of chewed shoes and we never left our Boxer  alone for more than an hour or so. For those wondering why we didn’t just close doors, nothing stops a boxer going where they want to go!

Chewed homes aside, I have never met a person that didn’t love the boxer dog and didn’t have some kind of tale or story of how marvellous they are. So if you are looking for loyalty, complete love and a bit of chaos, plus really like long walks, a boxer is a fabulous choice.

Chances of loosing objects/items in your home – a very big possibility!

Chances of only ever choosing Boxers once you have one – an even bigger possibility!

Boxer Quick Facts

Name: Boxer

Family: Livestock dog, Mastiff (bulldog)

Area of Origin: Germany

Date of Origin: 1800’s

Original Function: Bull-baiting, guardian

Today’s Function: Guardian

Size: Large

Average Male Size: Height 22.5-25 Weight 60-80

Average Female Size: Height 21-23.5 Weight 50-65

Other Names: none

Breed Group: Working

How Much Exercise: More than two hours per day

Length of Coat: Short

How Much Grooming: Once a week

boxers playing

Shedding: Yes

Location: Either Town or Country

Ideal Home: Large house

Ideal Garden: Large

Life Span: Over Ten Years