Border Terrier Complete Guide To Ownership

Border Terrier Breed Description

The Border Terrier main purpose was to hunt vermin. They are a sturdy, tough and brave breed of dog, that like to hunt out foxes, badgers, rats and many other animals. They have an overwhelming urge to hunt and dig and the speed to keep up with horse riders, they played a big role in hunting. They are friendly, fearless energetic dogs, that may not be for everyone. They dig, chase and like to escape, so you must have the time and desire to put in plenty of training, plenty of exercise and plenty of simulation to keep this lovely breed entertained. They are suited to both families and people who love to be active and also to people who have plenty of free time, as this breed does not like to be left for long periods of time.

If you are that person/family who likes to be on-the-go, with plenty of time to spend with your dog, then a Border terrier will make an excellent buddy for you. They are good-natured, intelligent, good with children and other dog too. They will need a secure garden to stop them escaping and you will have to watch their high prey drive, as cats,birds, small furry animals, cars and fast-moving objects like cars are just there to chased in their eyes. The are well-known for their escape artist capabilities!


Border Terrier's require a strong pack leader as many dog do. What they also need is a firm but gentle re-enforcement, they are quite a sensitive breed and respond very poorly to harsh treatment and training techniques. Start training as early as possible and make sure they are well socialised with both humans and other dogs and you should have a happy furry sidekick.

Border terriers have a short, thick undercoat and a wiry top coat, coming in red, blue-tan, grizzle-tan, pale yellow colours. Whilst their grooming regime is not ridiculous, it isn't the most low maintenance of routines. Weekly brushing and regular stripping is required to keep them looking good. Although they can be clipped instead of stripped, but it does mean they loose some of their weather repelling capabilities. The odd bath is good, particularly after they have tunnelled underground and are covered in mud!

Border Terrier Quick Facts


Name: Border Terrier

border terrier

Family: Terrier

Area of Origin: Border of Scotland and England

Date of Origin: 1700’s

Original Function: Fox bolting, ratting

Today’s Function: Earthdog trials

Size: Small

Average Male Size: Height 10-11 Weight 13-15.5

Average Female Size: Height 10-11 Weight 11.5-14

Other Names: none

border terriers 2Breed Group: Terrier

How Much Exercise: Up to 1 hour per day

Length of Coat: Short

How Much Grooming: More than once a Week

Shedding: Yes

Ideal Location: Either Town or Country

Ideal Home: Flat/small house

Ideal Garden: Small/medium

Life Span: Over Twelve Years