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Wet Dogs At The Weekend

Well it’s raining here in Scotland where we live, it has been for many, many days. I have forgot what it’s like not to get wet whilst leaving the house. It’s a bit of an eye opener after having lived in Spain for many years, that it rains so much during the month of August. Although it does explain why it’s so beautifully green here.

With the rain in mind, we are going to avoid too much outdoor activity this weekend as there is only so many times you can mop the kitchen floor and dry lots of doggy paws. So I’m thinking my dog based weekend can be a funny dog movie! There are many to choose from, but here are my top five:

  1. K9 (we have a German Shepherd!)
  2. Turner and Hooch
  3. Beethoven
  4. Lady and the Tramp
  5. 101 Dalmatians

Also worth a mention is Marmaduke, Hotel for Dogs, Oliver and Company and any episode of Game of Thrones containing the Dire-wolves, but there are a lot of films with very lovely dogs in. So if like me you are avoiding the rain this weekend you can sit back with your pooches for a bit of dog movie fun.

If it’s not raining by you, you can just go for a walk and get out with your pet. It’s great weekend dog fun!

Not all dogs hate the rain though, just look at the crazy canines below! Happy weekend!