Our German Shepard Pack

Our German Shepard Pack

Ok so we might have one and a half German Shepard’s and half an Ibizan Hound but she behaves like a Shepard so we call them our Shepard pack.

Tatiana and Neska are both youngsters with Neska just 2 and Tati 15 Months so we have our hands full.

German Shepard’s are a funny breed that need a firm hand but are also very sensitive. Too firm a hand will lead to fear aggression and too soft (As our trainer calls me) leads to a dominant dog.

We are getting there with ours but if you are considering getting a GSD then understand yes they are the most loyal of breeds but they are also a huge pain in the butt!

Just to prove they are worth it check out the funny Shepard’s in the video we found below, how can you not love them?