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How To keep Your Dogs Cool In The Summer

This seems very odd to write after all the rain, but the sun has come out in Scotland today and it’s feeling a lot like summer. So we are in the garden with all of the dogs both ours and new buddies and we can see them feeling the effects of the sun. It doesn’t help that some of them have lots of lovely fur and it can’t be taken off like a jumper.

Having spent many years in Spain we have become quite good a cooling our dog down, as temperatures well above 40 degrees is the norm for August. It’s fortunately not quite that hot here. So our top cooling tips for this lovely warm day are;

  1. Provide lots of bowls of water and add some ice cubes to keep it cold.
  2. Make sure your dog has access to shade at all times.
  3. Also if possible a tiled floor in the shade as lying on the cold ground helps to stay cool.
  4. Only walk your dog in the morning or evening, avoid the middle of the day sun which is hotter.
  5. If possible ( a favorite of our German Shepherd) provide a small paddling pool for your dog to sit and play in.
  6. Or a bit of hose pipe fun if they are looking overheated can cool them down too.
  7. Or even a damp towel to lie on if it is easier.
  8. Have a little afternoon nap together (my favorite) and avoid the sun:)