Dogs On A Canal Boat?

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Dogs On A Canal Boat?

So if you are reading this you are a lover of your dogs just like we are. You might be asking yourself what a dog site is doing writing about Canal Boats.

Well we have made a descision and we are moving from dry land onto the canals.

My wife Sarah and I have just waved our twin 18 year old boys off to university halls accommodation so it is just us and the dogs and Jeff the cat.

We have lived abroad and travelled the world so the thought of the next 30 years in suburbia is just not for us.

The biggest issue to deal with is the dogs and the Canal environment.

To understand the issues we are facing you need to understand the dogs we have.

The first one is Neska our 5 year old Ibizan Hound ( Podenco ) and then we have Tatiana our 4 year old German Shepherd.

If any independent trainer was to come and meet our two girls they would say withought question they are like fire and ice and should not be together. 

Do not misunderstand they are very very close and get on like sisters however their energies are just so different. Neska lives her life at 11. The hound in her is so very strong and her excitment is always, always at the highest level.

Tatiana however is much more laid back with some nervous tendencies so when Neska gets all worked up Tati responds with “oh my god whats about to happen” which then makes Neska get more worked up.

So you can see the problem, on their own they are both perfect little doggies with zero reactive behaviour but together they can be nothing short of a nightmare.

The main focus of our training, and it has been ongoing for years now has been to manage Neskas excitement levels down a bit and whilst we have had some sucess its only fair to accept that some dogs have limitations and manage your expectations.

Off lead there is no issue whatsoever but onlead is a different matter.

It seems that with her Halti on she is fine. Her excitment level never gets the chance to escalate.

Is she destined towear her Halti for ever? Maybe. She is happier when a little calmer and the German Shepherd is not beig led astray!

So take all those issues and move onto a canal boat. We must be mad.

However we have a secret weapon. We have just under 2 years due to commitments and contracts before we move onto the water full time.

This means we have a very clear timeframe and set of requirements for the girls training going forward.

We are now working on an issues list such as cyclists on the towpaths and then a plan to deal with each issue as we define them.

So that is what moving onto a canal boat has to do with all you dog lovers. Identify your issues! make a plan to deal with them, give them a timeframe and off we go.

If any of you have already been through a move like this please get intouch as we would love to chat about it.