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Benyfit Natural Raw Dog Food

If you have taken the decision to feed your dog a raw food diet, watch our interview with Dr Isla Fishburn Here if you are still on the fence, you will now be at the stage of what do I give them?

You can go down the road of buying raw meat from the butcher and then adding all the veg and vitamins but having done this I can tell you it is a hard slog.

You can however go down the route of pre mixed raw dog food. we have tried many and currently use Benyfit Natural’s range. They offer a wide selection and we have tried most of it. Our dogs absolutely love it and look so good on it. People are always commenting on their coats and how well they look.

We have a German Shepard who are known for having very sensitive tummy’s and she is better on Benyfit Natural than any other food she has tried. Yes we sell it here at Our Happy Dog’s but that just confirms how much we rate it or we would not go anywhere near it.

Have a look at the full range and get in touch if you have any questions.